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8-10 NOVEMBER 2019

μDose on the Central European Conference on Luminescence and Trapped-Charge dating DLED 2019 hosted by Research Group for Terrestrial Palaeoclimates- Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

16 OCTOBER 2019

Detailed radon leakage study using the γBeaker (Poręba et al., 2019)


New product line. Custom design beakers with negligible 222Rn leakage for low level environmental gamma spectrometry

HRGS beaker

26-28 AUGUST 2019

μDose on the UK Luminescence and ESR meeting in Denmark hosted the Luminescence Physics group at The Centre for Nuclear Technologies, Technical University of Denmark

5-7 JUNE 2019

μDose on the MACh 2019 organized by the Institute of Physics – CSE, Silesian University of Technology

03 DECEMBER 2018

Patent granted for application UPRP P.419042.

23-25 NOVEMBER 2018

μDose on the DLED2018 organized by the University of Bern, University of Lausanne and Paul Scherrer Institute

17-18 OCTOBER 2018

μDose on the 8th European Congress of Small and Medium Sized.

uDose prototype

1 OCTOBER 2018

μDose in the 10th jubilee edition of the Innovator of Silesia 2017 competition (download presentation).


11-12 SEPTEMBER 2018

μDose on the UKLUM2018 organized by the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield.


1 AUGUST 2018

Detiled μDose description (Tudyka et al., 2018) published in Radiation Measurements.

13 JUNE 2018

Patent granted for application UPRP P.416016.

28 MAY 2018

New product design by Ł. Paszkowski.


22 MAY 2018

High precision dose rate determination by including correlated uncertainties in the μDose system.

27 APRIL 2018

Detiled μDose description and environmental radioactivity measurements (Tudyka et al., 2018).


27-29 OCTOBER 2017

Exhibition on the German Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating Conference 2017 organized by the Lehrstuhl Geomorphologie at the University of Bayreuth.


μDose was presented on the 15th Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating (download presentation).

30 AUGUST 2017

Dα, β and γ dose rates calculation capability introduced in μDose software.

19 AUGUST 2017

Counting efficiency calibration for 238U, 235U, 232Th and 40K assessment tested in the μDose software.

25 JULY 2017

Delayed α/α and β/α coincidence counting with a novel analyzer (Miłosz et al., 2017).

16 JUNE 2017

Low level β 14C and ultra low level 222Rn delayed β/α coincidence counting demonstrated (Tudyka et al., 2017).