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The γBEAKER is a dedicated solution to the problem of radon emanation in gamma spectrometry.

In gamma spectrometry, the noble gas 222Rn needs to be kept inside measurement beakers when the concentrations of 238U decay chain members are measured via the 222Rn daughter products. 222Rn emanation and leakage may lead to an underestimation of 238U concentration.

Additional variability of results may arise when beakers (even of the same type) or sealings display varying 222Rn degrees of leakage. Read here

Advantages offered by the containers:

  • The γBEAKER line ensures nearlz full elimination of radon leakage and a retention of more than 98% of 222Rn emanating from sample
  • Custom made design allows matching any gamma detector or specific geometries for low level environmental radioisotopes measurement.
  • No mixing with wax/resin is needed to trap the radioactive gas. 
  • Made from very low radioactivity materials
  • Reusable and durable
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Light-proof version available on demand




Prerelease presentation 

System description 

Dose rate module resentation 

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