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μDOSE System for Hazard Indices Estimation

μDOSE System for Hazard Indices Estimation

A recent publication by Rocznik et al. (2023) demonstrated the μDOSE’s capability in accurately estimating various hazard indices (HI), including activity concentration index, radium equivalent activity, representative level index, absorbed and annual gamma dose rates, gamma effective indices, and both external and internal radiation hazard indices. This research highlights the new possibilities offered by the μDOSE system, particularly in measuring HI in small samples of just 3.00 grams. The estimation of HI was based on α and β particles, as well as decay pairs of 220Rn/216Po, 219Rn/215Po, 212Bi/212Po, and 214Bi/214Po. This method provided correlated radionuclide estimates. By taking this correlation into account, HI can be calculated with increased precision. The hazard indices measured were then compared with the results from high-resolution gamma spectrometry.

Activity concentration index value uncertainty as a function of measurement time for HRGS (100 g samples) and μDOSE system (3.00 g samples) (from Rocznik et al., 2023)


Rocznik, J., Pluta, J., Tudyka, K., Poręba, G., Szymak, A., 2023. A new fast screening method for estimating building materials hazard indices with correlated inputs. J Radioanal Nucl Chem. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10967-023-09197-5