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miDose Solutions Sp. z o.o.

At miDOSE Solutions, we develop reliable equipment for accurate measurements of low-level natural radioactivity for professionals.

Our company was founded to provide a dose rate measurement system for more precise and accurate trapped charge dating. Thanks to the solutions developed and patented at the Silesian University of Technology our team of passionate engineers developed the μDOSE system which gives new possibilities for advanced research. We provide advanced and user friendly solutions for measurement of environmental radionuclide concentrations.

Our aim is to provide tools which will allow scientists to advance the state of  knowledge in environmental, earth and archaeological sciences.
Konrad Tudyka, PhD Eng

Konrad Tudyka, PhD Eng


Expertise: R&D, low-level radioactivity measurements, measurement data analysis

Aleksander Kolarczyk, MSc. Eng.

Aleksander Kolarczyk, MSc Eng

Expertise: CAD design, technology, manufacturing, mechanical engineering

Sebastian Miłosz, MSc. Eng.

Sebastian Miłosz, MSc Eng

Expertise: electronics design, programming, data engineering

Prof. Andrzej Bluszcz

Prof. Andrzej Bluszcz

Expertise: low-level radioactivity measurements, low-level dosimetry of natural radiation, statistical analyses of measurement data, data modelling by evolutionary algorithms (differential evolution), luminescence dating (trapped charged dosimetry)

Dr Grzegorz Adamiec, Assoc. Prof. Silesian Univ. of Technology, DPhil Oxon

Dr Grzegorz Adamiec, Assoc. Prof. Silesian Univ. of Technology, DPhil Oxon

Expertise: luminescence dating methodology development, low-level radioactivity research, data analysis